Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Insert from Sister Bezdjian Blog (Shelby's companion)

*Sad thing...Sister Harker left this week! And Brother Harker too. We miss her a lot already (Bro H is coming back next week or so)! She was the light of our week and so calm in everything she does. ALSO before she left, she bought me and Sis O skirts! So sweet. 
The Harkers are shown here with Pres. and Sister Nielson.
The Harkers are so kind to the missionaries even when they are not in Poland.
 Since Bro Harker is returning to  Poland he took orders from the missionaries
for something they miss from America:   Sister Ostler (Salt/Vinegar Chips)
Elder Myler (Microwave Popcorn/Hot Chocolate) Elder Harris (Ranch Dressing Packet)

Sara didn't put in an order so we will see!  The Harkers treated the missionaries to Mexican Burritos in Poland, a favorite spot of the mission on their last P-day together.  Sara and Sister Ostler were so blessed to be in Poland during Sis. Harker's 12 weeks there. 

*We are offically homeless! Haha just kidding. We are out of the library and now meeting in the Hotel Mercur. So please pray that we can find a good place for a chapel soon. We would love to have a more permanent place to meet. 
This is the library where they were meeting.  They will not be able to meet there for a month so they will be meeting in a Hotel downtown.  Hopefully they can find a good location and building soon.  They also will not be able to teach their English Class in the library right now see below.

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