Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey there, 

       Sister Ostler here.  How are you all? Is fall beautiful over there in America? It is absolutely outstanding here.  The forests are so full of bright yellow and hot read leaves.  I love it.  I had a 6 hour train ride here to Warsaw for some paper work and health stuff and it was a beautiful ride.  This week has been ...... interesting, crazy, challenging, threatening, adventurous, and all around just, weird.  I won't go into too much detail because time and energy is in short supply right now.  But all I know is that the Lord's hand is in our lives.  He is so aware of what we need.  He knows our hearts, our desires, our fears and our hopes.  I am so grateful He understands and knows.  I am also so grateful for our health.  I definitely took it for granted.  

      This week I witnessed many miracles.  One day when I was in a hospital, I was next to a really neat lady.  She is actually kind of crazy ( and I really mean it) BUT she was so sweet! She tried to sneak out of the hospital and every time she did, the nurse came slowly walking back with her.  We had a great discussion about the gospel (half in polish, german and a little english. It was interesting!) She was just so accepting of everything and she inroduced me to her husband and we all became good friends.  Then the nurse there recognized me from a tram waj and asked some questions about what we teach and do, etc. and it was a great opportunity.  The Lord really places people in our lives so that we can love them and learn from them and in turn, learn about our Savior and our purpose here on earth.  There are opportunities everywhere. 
      So one more thing before I have to go.  We were on a tram waj and we were really happy and smiling and this older lady (who looked great!) just smiled and expressed how happy she is.  She said she is 87 years old and is feeling great! We asked her what her secret is and she said, "joy".  She told us to keep being happy and we'll live long and happily like she has.  Neat experience.  She is cool.  Well, I will be returning to Gdansk with a new companion tomorrow.  I will sure miss Sister Bezdjian.  I have learned so much from her.  She saved me countless times this past week.  I owe so much to her.  This will be a new adventure with Sister Peterson.  She is wonderful, and I can't wait to serve with her.  The gospel's true.  I love all of you.  Keep the faith :) 
Love Sister Ostler

Yes, a hospital visit in Poland, but all is well

One last train ride with sister B.  Shelby is sure going to miss this girl.  It's a good thing they live in the same state.

I think they locked themselves out of there apartment.  

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