Monday, October 15, 2012

Calling all prayers!

Hey Friends and Family, 

This week has been good; a little longer than most, but still good! I am seeing that the Lord is answering my prayers in mysterious ways.  I have been praying for more desire (to talk to everyone, to run to meetings when we're late, to work until the last minute, etc.) and for a vision of things as they really are.  Well, I am here to tell you that being sick in bed  has sure given me the desire to go outside and talk with EVERYONE! I want so badly to be out working.  I want to run and skip and jump and just move around. If there's anyone willing to pray for my health, now would be a GREAT TIME!! I feel them so much and am so grateful for your care.
 I am also realizing how precious every moment is.  I am down to the last 2 weeks of this transfer and whether I'll be with Sister Bezdjian again or not, I'm not ready for it to end! It's just great how the Lord really knows our needs and gives us just what we ask for (if it's righteous).  So, Sister Bezdjian has been taking care of me, and it has actually strengthened our relationship a lot.  So, even though I may have no energy right now, I know that my prayers are heard, and, from this experience, they are certainly answered as well.  We had about 30 lessons planned this week, but...... we were only able to make it to 4 of them.  BUT they were so neat! We had a couple of great miracles.  I'll tell you about one or two.  So one day we went to Gdynia to meet with a less active member there who can't come to church because of work. 
As we got off the train, a man was handing out flyers and, as we usually do with them, we asked if we could exchange flyers. So I handed him a Book of Mormon flyer and right away he started asking questions about the church and asked where he could buy a book of mormon.  We jumped at that and happily gave one to him.  He asked if we could maybe talk about it sometime and we said of course! Well, we actually invited him to come with us to that member's house while we had our lesson and so he came.  We had a really neat lesson (part english, part polish and part thai!) and he told us all about his harsh past and his desire to change and become like Christ.  He prayed at the end, and said he'll read the book of Mormon and pray about it.  He is about 22 or so and really neat.  What a miracle! Then a couple days later we met with a girl who pretty much referred herself.  From our book of mormon reading class at the mall, she asked if she could join.  Well, something happened there, so we have to meet with them personally.  So we went to her house, asked her what her expectations were and she said she wants to learn english, learn about our culture, and more about the book of mormon. Our jaws were probably hitting the ground.  She was so open, she is so prepared and she has a strong testimony of Christ already.  Her name is Magdalena and she's 24, can't wait to keep teaching her. 
      So I can't remember what else I was going to share with you...... Oh yeah! The Aquarium in Gdynia was really neat.  They had 2 huge Anakondas and a bunch of exotic fish and paranas and stuff :) That was cool. We're hoping to go to a concentration camp for our culture night in a week or so.  That should be awesome.  The history here is unbelievable.  I hope I can learn more about it while I'm here. 
      Well, I love this work.  I know the Lord answers our prayers.  I am thankful for my companion who has taken care of me and helped me learn to be patient in times of tribulation. I'm thankful for our health.  Someone ALWAYS has it worse, so I'm just so grateful that we have bodies and that we have agency.  I hope you are all doing great.  I love you all.  Keep finding ways to share the gospel and deepen your conversion; it's a life-long adventure :) Love ya! 

 She Finally got a coat!  It's hitting the winter weather already! That humidity just cuts right through the wimpy coats. She went for the good stuff!

Love, Sister Ostler

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