Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An awesome week!!!

Hey There :) 
       What a great week.  Crazy, busy, cold, funny, random, weird, miraculous, and just all around Cool :) We met some really cool people.  One day we went to a house for our meeting and they weren't home.  Bummer cuz we waited about 2 months to meet with them.  But as we were walking away, we met a man named Zigmont.  He looked like he needed something.  We testified of the truthfulness of our message and that it can really bless his life.  He became very interested and talked about how he has been searching truth for a while.  We offered him a Book of Mormon and he got teary eyed and thank us very sincerely.  We set up to meet with him and his wife this week and he made sure we new where he lives and that we know his number.  That was neat.  Then on the tram, Sister Bezdjian was sitting holding a big box of apples that an investigator just picked for us, when all of a sudden this man says "Hey are you two on your missions?" In english! and I was like, woa, what? cool! His name is Doug and he is from California.  He and his wife are here for school.  We talked and exchanged numbers and we are hoping to meet with them soon.  So cool :) 
Advertising for Conference!!
      So this week one of the neatest miracles was one morning while we were waiting in the park for our investigator to show up for our meeting.  Suddenly she called and said she can't make it.  We were a little bummed and then all of a sudden, Ola, our great friend from our Book of Mormon reading class, comes walking down the pathway. I jumped up and gave her a big hug and said "It's sure great to see you!" She said the same thing as we talked for a minute and asked her about her day and everything.  She was just so happy.  At the end of a ten minute conversation or so, she said, "You know, I asked to meet someone today on my way to work. I was feeling a little down." We heard that and just smiled.  We know the spirit has been working in her and it is amazing to witness.  We really love her and want her to be happy.  So one more thing I learned this week.  Heleman 4:26 If transgression is what made them so weak, then obedience and righteousness must make us strong and give us power.  Simple, yet struck me differently this week.  I love the Book of Mormon. 
A cute YUMMY crepe shop they found!
       So one evening, we were in a car with an investigator whose boss was driving us to her house.  For just a minute there was a song that I knew before the mission, something from like Nickleback or someone and all of a sudden I was (in my head) back at home, in my car and driving around.  I started to think about the influence music has on us and the role it plays in our lives.  I felt ..... weird.  For just a second.  I came back to reality and made a little connection to what just happened.  As a missionary, I have experienced a lot of wonderful blessings of the spirit.  Things I had never before experienced.  I realized that while I've been here, I have been in tune with myself a lot more.  Not just with the spirit, but with myself.  Sometimes at home I'd go for a drive or I'd watch a movie and I'd tune, not only the spirit out, but myself out.  It's almost as if I avoided confrontation with myself.  Interesting, right? Because here, I can't hide from myself. That may sound kind of funny, but it's true. I see it all. The good, the bad, the real and the fake the strengths and the weaknesses of myself.  There's nothing to cloud the view. From that experience I learned that it's so good to let the spirit into our lives.  We need it and we can learn a lot about ourselves.  So, that is my challenge for anyone and everyone reading.  Let the spirit in, and find out what He is trying to teach you about yourself.  It's really neat.  
       Well, there are so many more things I want to share! Ahhhh, nie mam czasu! (I don't have time!) We are going to the Aquarium in Gdynia now, I'm so excited.  I hope you all have a great week.  One last thing I learned, can't remember who it's from I think President Hinckley: Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person the be loved.  There are always things to worry about, to get done and to take care of.  But in the long run, those things work each other out and the most remembered thing is the love that we show(ed) for those around us.  Still learning this, and hope I can become better.  I love you all.  I am so thankful for the influence you have all had on my life.  Have a great week :) Hope you loved conference! :) Can't wait to read it in a month. Take care!!! Dowidzenia!

 She made her own Jam!!! Using Cornstarch, water, sugar and Berries!  Genius!

Love, Sister Ostler

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