Monday, August 13, 2012

Sister Ostler is blonde again....she must have found a hair salon in Poland

Hey Friends and Fam

Gdansk Missionaries
Wowie, what a great week.  Where to begin where to begin? I don't know where the time goes, it just flies! This week was full of a lot of miracles.  First I want to talk about some of our investigators.  They are so cool! One is about 50.  She is trying so hard to learn English. She's intrigued by the pioneers and mapped out a bunch of stuff in the Book of Mormon. Pretty much, she wants to be baptized.  She just gets it, ya know? Her name is Janina and she is so cool!  Her husband is living in England for a while and we will teach him when he gets back.  We have so much hope for her! :) So another one is named Aleksandra.  She's just this spunky lady around 65.  We met with her for the second time on friday and she invited a friend to listen in.  We gave a lesson on the restoration and Aleksandra was just excited about it, she couldn't stop telling her friend more and more.  They love how we pray in our own words and how we can repent.  They are so fancy and elegant, they just make us smile.  Then her other friend comes over! We taught all 3 of them and are meeting with them again in a while because they wanted more time to read the Book of Mormon. Sooo cool! :) So yeah, we love them.  There's lots more, but that's all for now.
      So one really neat experience this week was in our previous english class which is now our book of Mormon reading class.  We had 4 people and a member in on the lesson.  We had them act-out chapter 4 of 1st Nephi and then we talked about it.  It was really interesting to see the different responses.  One of them (who has SSSSOOOOO much potential) had a really hard time with Nephi being commanded to kill Laban.  It can be a tough subject to talk about, but it really opened the door for her to start thinking more about it.  We talked about the nature of God, and how much He really loves us.  And then, one of the other girls, Mili, joined in and started talking about God in the Old Testament and it was so cool to see them help turn this story into real life.  The Book of Mormon is so great! She will come to know this truth and she will be so strong, you can just see it! :) I love it.  

      Okay, so pretty much, I love the first 4 or 5 hours of the day.  We go running, get ready, have personal study, have companionship study, and then 12-week program (Which is awesome).  Personal study is so great!!! For an hour we just get to read and study from the Book of Mormon, Preach my Gospel and church magazines.  It is so uplifting! Then we get to talk about it comp study.  This week I studied compassion a lot, and that was sure powerful to me.  Compassion sure goes a long way. It means so much to me when someone shows compassion or empathy, so I tried to study how we can implement more love and compassion everyday to those around us.  Christ is just the perfect example.  So I've noticed that when we sing in our lessons, the spirit is always stronger.  We've been doing that as much as possible.  It's really neat. 
     Okay, so a few things I've learned and my challenge for you.  First of all, I learned that if all else fails, and nothing else is working out in life, no matter what it may be- Hard work will bring you comfort and confidence.  That is something we can control.  Second-  By our willingness to be consistent, we are blessed consistently, and when we are not committed and are wavering, our lives too, will be unconsistent and will waver from time to time.  So, here's my challenge.  Pick one thing in your life and be consistent in it.  Maybe it will be praying mornings and nights, maybe it'll be reading 20 minutes a day, maybe it'll be changing every little complaint into something you're grateful for, and maybe it's just consistently trying to share your love for others around you.  I have chosen the complaining one.  I know it sure helps me to be consistently happy here on this mission.  I testify that being consistent in this gospel will bring blessings.  :) :) 
Haha. I knew it was just a matter of time until Shelby
found a hair salon.
Now I think they are teaching the hair dresser :)
Cute dress Shelby.....
and cute hair Sister Ostler and Sister Bez

Love It!!!!!!!

These great Sisters earned the Standard of Excellence.....
They love to talk to people.....and people love them

A lesson on the beach.....

Beautiful Poland

Baltic Sea in the baskground

      Okay, I am trying to think of what else to say.  My mind always goes blank under pressure! :) Well, I have a fantastic trainer. I really feel like I couldn't be more blessed.  She is so solid! Every day I learn something new from her, whether it's gospel related, teaching related or polish related.  I hope we get to serve together longer.  We've become great friends. :) So the other day we walked into this old house/apartment and it was pretty sketchy....... spider webs all over and then on the old stairs there was this huge cat with a tumor on it's face and it was breathing heavily and staring really creepily at us.  I had to laugh because it was like this old scene in a movie and were right in the middle of it.  So funny :) Well, life is great.  I love the mission.  It's hard work.  I'm pooped about 98% of the time, but it feels so good! How do you explain that??? I'm not sure, but it's a good feeling.  Life is great.  I hope you're all doing great at home.  Remember I love you all :) Enjoy the journey! :)

      Love, Sister Ostler

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