Monday, July 2, 2012

This work will go forth......

July 2 2012
Hey Family :) :) :)
    Thank you for your emails Mom and Kelsee, I loved them.  Sorry Mom, I didn't get your pics, but that's okay.  I got your pics Kels, thanks, they're darling! :) I love those darn kids! Kamryn is so big! How is she? Well, I loved your email Mom.  I am sorry things have been so tough.  I wonder if last week you and I were both struggling at the same time?? :) Maybe we were like, on the same wave length or something.  I had a couple really tough moments last week, kind of like what you said, on the verge of tears missing you all.  But it's like you said, this is the right thing, but sometimes, knowing that doesn't make it easy.  But it's gotten better and easier and I am loving it..

Okay, to answer your questions: :) I like our apartment a lot.  It is totally, ummmm interesting...., I'll be honest :-D but that's okay, because seriously, it is nicer than most everyone's here in Poland! It's crazy.  Our shower is a little scary..... as in, when you turn on the heat, this big fire starts up in this box thing hahaha it's kind of crazy! But I think it's an adventure :) I made cookies the other day, so there's your picture.  We took them to our English students :) They loved them!

 So my companion is really awesome. Seriously.  I ask her at least 50-60 questions a day and she is so patient with me.  We have A LOT in common.  She played soccer and loves it.  We love like all the same foods- which is pretty much everything.  We go running almost every morning and it is so pretty!!! The streets here are what I imagine many streets to be like in Italy.  It's great.. It's super humid, but sea level, so I can breath great! Even though I'm not in good shape.  When it's rainy and cold in the mornings and we don't want to go running, I do push-ups and some things on that work out paper you gave me, oh and pull-ups! I can finally do some pull-ups. i found a door way.... :) I'm getting in shape again haha :)

 So my sinus infection got better after about 3 or 4 days.  I feel great now.  Still super tired in the days, but I'm just not used to the early sun yet and I have crazy dreams. Usually about everybody at home speaking some crazy Polish and random other stuff, so it's pretty funny :) The Lord has sure blessed me with energy and strength to get through and enjoy each day.  So my favorite food??? Hmmmm, I've had a lot.  I love the fresh fruit here! So cheap and so delicious! Fresh raspberries and cherries and oranges and apples :) Mmmmm! I love pierogis they're like ling lings but with a bunch of random things in them.  Like meat or mushrooms, or potatoes and cream cheese.  Mmmm :)

  So there's not mountains here, they're down south, but it's a lot like San Diego weather and stuff.  There's random trees and hills and it's so humid and green! I love it.  I love tracting and contacting because then we're not stuck on a stuffy tram waj trying to start a conversation about the gospel haha, outside is much nicer :)
      Well Momma, I'm sure hope you're doing great.  I think about you all so often, especially when I testify to people of the Plan of Salvation.  can't seem to hold back the tears.  That's so fun about the puppies, I bet they're just adorable! I'm glad you all got to have a great time with Jon and Ashlee before they left.  That must have been tough though.  That's great you can skype though! I'm so proud of you! :) Way to go!

This is for kelsee: Hey kels, I love you so much! Thank you for the pictures and the LITTLE NOTE ;) (you can write more if you want) Camping at the spruces, sounds like a blast! We're having a little 4th of July thing too, with a bunch of members and investigators- fun stuff.  Well, tell the kids I love and miss them so much.
This is for Ashlee: Hey Ash, I'm sorry I didn't have much time last week to respond to your email.  Thank you so much. I can't imagine how tough things might be right now and for a while.  I want you to know that you're in my prayers and I promise that everything will get better and you'll get comfortable.  Sometimes I have to remind myself when I pray to pray and ask the Lord to help you to see the miracles and the tender mercies. That has sure helped me since I've been on a mission.  Keep hanging in there.  You're amazing. 
Well this is for you mom and dad and everyone, you can share everything I write, I don't mind.  But I just want you to know that I love you.  I see the people here in Poland and they just... they just need something. They need the light. They need hope.  They need Christ.  My challenge for you and for everyone is to find Him in your life.  Don't forget what a blessing it is to have this knowledge.  I know, knowing these things doesn't always make it easier, but I promise, It sure makes it worth it.

       A few random things I wanted to share.  We witnessed miracles this week! We had 7 investigators in church! More investigators than members!!! So neat! We have an investigator who is a single mother of 3 beautiful children and she already knows the church is true after 2 visits! She is wonderful! We love her and are so excited for her!

 So on thursday we had culture night, we get that once a transfer. and we went and saw this Russian/Polish opera thing- hilarious, I must say! This Russian man sang this Polish song in the heaviest Russian accent ever and he was wearing a white curly wig.  Pretty epic.  Then we had some gelato, and walked along the river (sea) side for a while.  It was a beautiful night, such a blessing.

  So something I've learned that I must share.  Faith and patience are inseperably connected.  If I am not patient with myself learning Polish, I am not exercising faith.  They just can't go one without the other.  Also, everything I have learned in my life is now being put to the test.  Literally.  It's amazing.  I can see every area that needs strengthening and I can see the blessings of past trials in my life.  They have sure prepared me and strengthened me for this.  I know that our trials are a blessing.  It is sure hard to say that in the moment, but I know that we truly can draw closer to Christ as we seek comfort and help, and through Him, we will receive it.  These patterns of learning are a huge part of this plan.  I know it's true.
      Well, I have so much I want to say.  I don't have time.  I hope you like the pictures.  Remember to be happy NOW.  Sometimes I say, " oh I can't wait until I can speak better polish or understand everything or this or that" but I am starting to just enjoy it all now :) I won't ever have this time back.  I love you mom and dad and family.  Send my love.  You're amazing! Keep up the faith!
     Love, Sister Shelby Ostler

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