Tuesday, July 31, 2012

   Hey Fam and Friends

 Well, this week was just crazy and great and all the above! It was a scorcher here in Gdansk.  Sticky, sweaty, exhausting week, but so good!  So one really neat miracle this week was when we called this man that we had met weeks ago while tracting. He wasn't interested at all when we met him.  But when we called him, he was really excited and invited us to this big camp fire party they were having.  He said, they're all catholic, but they'd love to meet two girls who are from america simply here to serve.  It was a really neat experience.  We met a bunch of people and his whole family. We know that a lot of good will come from this, and it was a really great opportunity.  

    So one of our investigators is really improving.  It's so neat to see her coming out of her shell.  When I first met her, she didn't want to do anything- read or pray or go to church.  Slowly she's started coming to church, she reads, and prayer... well, soon! But it was so neat the other day.  We were on our way to her house and our bus broke down.  We called her and told her and she said, "Oh, I'll just meet you on my bike!" It was miles and miles away, and she met us in the heat.  We were thinking, oh darn, she's not going to have her scriptures or ensign,  but she did! We had a great lesson on a park bench and it was wonderful.  She is inviting some people to come to events like FHE and our grill that we had.  It's great to see her grow.
     So I feel like my whole life has prepared me for this.  From physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.  It's cool to see how certain past experiences have taught us specific lessons that we can call upon and use in our daily lives, and for me personally, things that I can use while on my mission.  It has taught me to not allow anything happen in life without learning SOMETHING from it.  So that is my challenge for you.  Whether everything in life is going great right now, or you can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, learn something from it, and ask yourself, "what is the Lord trying to teach me"?  I promise, you'll see the miracles and the mysterious ways that the Lord answers our prayers. who knows, maybe you even asked for something and the Lord is simply answering.  :) 

      So on a random note, I had the biggest hamburger of my life the other day!! It was SO HUGE!!!!! Dad, Zach, Chase, Jon, y'all would've loved it! :) You'll try one one day :) Kebabs are also the best thing ever, Mmmmm! So back to the important stuff- we started this really great book of mormon reading class.  We started with 4 free classes of english exclusively for the workers at a library.  Then we got to the end and wrote them all letters inside of the books of mormon in english and gave them the offer to have this reading class together.  We did on friday and it was soooooo cool! The Book of Mormon is the best book! I mean, for real.  If it didn't have life-chaning lessons and ways to come closer to Christ and better your life, it at least has life-like experiences and wars and battles and such! (I only say that because one of our students/new investigators is so excited about the wars hehehe she's awesome).  So yeah, just keep on reading it, it's so good.  :) :) :) 

    Well, I don't have a lot of time.  I'm sorry this is a weird situation here in warsaw.  We won't get back to Gdansk til way late tonight.  We'll have to shop later.  I love you all.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is so beautiful.  Thank you all for your support and love.  For your examples and your friendship.  Come what may and love it! :) Love you!

Love, Sister Ostler

For Ashlee: Thank you sooooooo much for you package.  I loved it so much. I'm writing you a letter, just just hang in there.  Thank you for everything. I loved your letter.  I loved the kids' letters too! Thanks for the fun stuff on the memory stick, I can't wait to see if it works! I loved the hershey's bar! Good luck with everything! Look up some polish recipes, they are sooooo good! :) :) :) Send my love to the kids! :) 
For Kelsee:  How's the family? How's the kids? Send them my love! How's the new website? I Hope all is going well.  I love you!!!!
For Chase: How's your new relationship?? I want to know! Write me!!! Please :) Love you :) Proud of you :) 
For Mom and Dad: Sorry I haven't read your letters yet.  I will on the train, can't wait!!!! literally! I love you so much!!! oh mom, can you send me some eye alergy medicine??? I have serious alergies :( oh well :) I love you!!!! Have a GREAT week okay?  Muah!!!

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