Monday, July 9, 2012

So Blessed

Sister Bezdjian and Sister Ostler! What a beautiful companionship! Go to it girls!!!

Hey Fam:)

 Wow, this week sure did fly by! It's been hot and humid and jungly around here! How is it at home? I miss the dry air! :) You're right though mom, it totally feels like I was just writing home! 
   So to answer your questions real quick, 1) Her name is Sister Harker and she is a member here from Hawaii/Cali/Provo! She's awesome! Accept her!!! :) 2) You can send packages to this address and please tell Ashlee she can send stuff here, not to the mission home.  I'm so glad you go my letter so fast! Awesome :) :) :) 3) my shoes rock! I'm sooooooooo glad we bought them, I have a funny tan line from the strap ones haha :) 4) the weather is actually SUPER HOT! It feels like 90's most days.  It's a scorcher! 5) P-days..... Hmmm. I don't really like them actually.  I'd rather just shop, rest a little and stuff.  But we rush around all day trying to do fun stuff, and buy stuff we need and get our food and do our laundry and email and then fit in lunch and dinner before we go teach at 6.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE emailing you and reading them :) but the rest of the day just isn't my favorite.  We might go to the Zoo, that'll be fun :)
so yeah, there you go. :)

Okay, so this week has been soooooo great! We were so busy, we really didn't know what to do with ourselves.  We had about 17 lessons last week, and they challenged us to have at least 2 more than last week this week, and we got 22, so that was great! We just running all over the place, trying to catch this tram or that bus and trying to be on time.  Everyone we meet with is so great.  They have the smallest little living arrangements I've ever seen! We're just so blessed and spoiled in America.  Everyone gives us gifts and loves to feed us, and sometimes is hard because we just don't have time to spend at everyone's houses that long- too many meetings.  It's so great though! :) We love it.

So I'll copy and paste part of what I wrote to President Neilson:
One story I wanted
to share is about service.  We had a meeting at the chapel and the
person we met with had a dog follow her all the way from her house ( a
long way away). So we looked at the dog tags and found the number and
called the lady who the dog belonged to.  We traveled by a couple
different trams to get there and we started talking to a lady while we
were on our way.  She helped us find the house.  Well, long story
short, we have 2 new investigators from doing that.  One referred us
to her son and his girlfriend, and the other is the lady who the dog
belonged to, she has 4 sons under 10.  We learned a lot about the
power of service.  A little thing can go a long way, and what better
way to teach about Christ's example?  Actions definitely speak louder
than words.

 So there you go :) It was a great experience.  So I didn't plan very well what to say in this email, but I just can't testify enough of this gospel.  Every day we meet and talk to people who spill their challenging life stories and their hardships and all sorts of things, and we try to help them come unto Christ by teaching them about His Atonement and the power it has to change lives.  It is probably the saddest and hardest thing about missions when people don't accept it or they won't listen.  How do you explain to a person that what you're trying to give them and teach them about really is life-saving and meaningful?? Please, find everyone you can.  Teach them about this gospel.  Love them, serve them, be like Christ.  That's the only way to bring them to this knowledge.

      Well, one other story, more of a light-hearted story.  We were at YSA with a whopping 4 people! Wahoo :) and played ping pong after our lesson and stuff.  Then we needed to make a bunch of calls, so we walked to the park right by our chapel and all of a sudden it started to down pour!!! Like, really! It was so loud with thunder and lightening, we could hardly make phone calls.  So we laughed and had a jolly ol time walking back to the chapel :) Then we went to a meeting, and we taught her, soaking wet. :) It was awesome.  Then she told us she makes arrows (and we could tell because she had hundreds all over the place along with bows and arrows) and she gave us each one! Hence the cool picture hehe :) She's awesome.

     Well, I'm sure there's more I could share, but I have no time, and this computer was a little frustrating, but oh well! :) I love you all so much.  Don't take the little things for granted like I did for so long.  Make every moment count.  :) Kocham was!!! :)

Love, Sister Ostler

Eatng Gelato after the polish opera

Polish food YUM!
YSA Activity

Homemade arrows (Gotta love the homemade pull-up bar above their heads!! Go Shelby)

At Jadwiga's

The Tramwaj!!!! (like trax, we spend way to much time on this)

Shopping and getting soaken wet.  The rain surprises us all the time.
But we LOVE it :)

The Centrum

The Elders

President and Sister Nielson

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