Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shelby's first area will be Gdansk. It is the nothern most part of Poland. It is right next to the Baltic sea. Very hot and humid in the summer and freezing in the winter

Information about city

Elevation 13m
Area code 0-58
Car plates GD
Area 262.0 km2
Population 458000
Postal codes 80-001, 80-007, 80-008, 80-009, 80-010, 80-012, 80-013, 80-016, 80-017, 80-018

Gdansk Poland
Gdańsk is a district city and the capital of Pomorskie Voivodeship (Province) located in the region of Żuławy (an alluvial lowland of the Vistula River) and Kaszuby Lakeland. Together with Gdynia and Sopot, Gdańsk forms the so-calles TriCity.

After the establishment of the Northern Port, Gdańsk has become the largest and the most modern seaport. It is an important shipbuilding industry and tourist centre with the historical Old Town and Market Square. What's more, it is an academic centre with few universities and large cultural centre with the theatre, opera, music hall and museums, among many the National Museum.

In the 10th century it was a fortified craft and fishing settlement as well as the seat of the Pomeranian dukes. In the 13th century Gdańsk was granted town rights. In 1308 it was seized by the Teutonic Knights and remained under their rule until 1454. In 1340 they built the castle and in 1343 established the town which was soon inhabited by German settlers.

The city flourished under the Polish rule in the years 1454-1772; it had the monopoly of sea trade and the most beautiful buildnigs were erected and works of art created at that period. In 1793, again, Gdańsk was seized by Prussia and due to the customs crodon was about to fall into decline. In 1807 it was captured by the Napoleonic Army. In the second part of the 19th century the city and port gradually developed - the shipyard was built.

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