Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi Friends and Family,

     Shelby leaves on Monday the 18th for Poland.  She departs the MTC at 8:00 am.  She flies out at 12:20 pm  to Dallas, and from Dallas to England.  She has a 7 hr layover in England and then flies to Poland and will arrive on the 19th at 5;30 pm. (Poland time).  So it looks like it will be a long 24 hrs.  She is so excited,  We will get to talk to her tomorrow from SLC and Dallas and I'm gonna make her call me in England, even if it is  1 in the morning our time..  I will forward an email when I get one, so you all will know she is safe and sound.  Keep an eye on her blog, as her mission president always has pictures of the missionaries arriving.  I will transfer them to her blog so all can enjoy.  I do not know when her p-day will be, but we will soon find out.  I will also post her new address soon, it will also be on her blog. You can still Dear Elder her, just change the location to Warsaw Poland when you send it.  That might be the fastest way she will get a letter.  And it's free....
     Thanks for all your support and prayers on her behalf.  She loves you all.... 
Happy Fathers day all you DAD"S
Thanks Kelli

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