Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 6 MTC

 May 28 2012
Hey Everybody! :)
     How are you all? This week has been a week of miracles! I learned a lot, and I experienced a lot! One of the miracle was pretty powerful to me.  On friday I was soooooo sick.  I could hardly move around and I still had about 5 or 6 hours left until we could go back home.  I made it through our lesson, and sat through most of class.  Them my companions encouraged me to ask the elders for a blessing.  I asked Elder Bokinsky and Elder Register.  I received a wonderful blessing.  I am so glad they could give me one.  They said it was a very spirtual experience for both of them.  Then I went home right at 9:30 and went to bed.  I woke up, started to get ready for the day and realized I was 100 percent better!!! I couldn't believe it.  I really had thought that I was going to have the flu and be sick for the weekend.  What a miracle! 

      So once again, this week has sure taught me a lot.  I was humbled many times.  First of all, after I was done being sick. I was reminded of how grateful I am for good health and for strength to go throughout the day.  Also, when I fist got here, I didn't understand why they have coverings over all of the sidewalks.  I thought it obstructed the view of the mountains and the sky and I was bummed about it.  THEN, on thursday, it started to rain very hard! I walked from our class to the cafeteria without getting wet one bit and I was still able to enjoy the smell of the rain and the beauty all around me.  I was humbled by that, especially when I thought about rules and commandments.  We don't always see the purpose until we are under attack by Rain or by satan! (Kind of a funny way of putting it), but it's true! I am so thankful for a loving, caring Heavenly Father who gets it and sees the big picture a lot better than I can! :) 

     So yeah, those are a few things that I learned.  As I've said before, we are taught many times throughout the week and earlier last week were asked to really ponder about some things. One said, "Can you rise to the level of trust that has been put in you"? I thought a lot about that.  After I made some connections, I thought about life outside of the MTC or my mission and I realized that there is always a time in our lives where we are entrusted with SOMETHING.  It sure brings confidence and peace when we can kneel down at night and say, "I did my best, Lord."  It's a good feeling! Another question was, "Think of a time when your testimony of Jesus Christ has burned stronger than ever.  Is it burning like that at least once a day"? That made me really think.  I thought of trek, I thought of specific times in seminary and institute- these times make me want to always keep that flame burning.  Even if it's just a spark, don't ever let it go out, the stronger the flame, the brighter the light! :) 

       Well, this computer keeps freezing on me and taking away my time :( But that's okay! So I have to share what heard in Relief Society yesterday.  We heard from a lady named Janice Brady who has a down syndrome daughter.  She taught us so many principles from her! Her name is Annie.  She said "It doesn't matter when I person learns to walk, it just matters that they do." She related this to our perspective and outlook on other people.  As we teach  people the gospel, and teach them how to walk, it doesn't matter how fast the jump up and start running, it just matters that they learn how to take the steps necessary to reach their Savior.  This really meant a lot to me.  I think it can help me be more patient with people and understand their circumstances.  The next thing she said was a story.  When Annie was 16 years old, she was really really sick.  She was throwing up all night and her mother had to help her and stay with her all night.  Annie started to cry and said "I sorry. I love you." All her mother could do was hold her tight and let her know that she is so very loved.  This story brought tears to my eyes because she then told us of how we are all like Annie.  We need help and we cannot do it by ourselves.  Christ is there to support and love us.  He just wants us to feel good and to be happy.  I loved that story.  

     So last night we had a great devotional.  We heard a story about a pilot describing things necessary in order to land on the aircraft carrier.  He said, you have to spot you deviation ahead of time.  If you are flying an air craft 150 miles per hour and you are trying to land on a moving, waving carrier, you CANNOT mess up.  He said that that is how important it is for us to stay on track and on course in our lives.  If we do not spot our deviation from the course, we could die. It was a powerful metaphor and I liked it a lot because, honestly, have we not all deviated and had to find our way back to the right path? 

       So, I have a lot more to share, but I am running out of time.  I just feel such a great love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He means everything to me.  I gave an example in one of my lessons I had to prepare for yesterday. I talked about Joe Larsen running the Iron Man last year.  He had had knee surgery and could hardly bear the pain as he neared the end of the race.  He finished the swim and the bike and half of the marathon.  We worried about him and wondered where he could be.  Soon Jon, my brother in law, started running up the path, in his levi shorts and flip flops to find him.  Jon ran 13 miles or so along side Joe to help him finish the race.  I thought about this and it really touched me.  Sometimes in life we experience serious pain.  Even though we decided to push through it and keep going, it is still tough! But then the Savior comes and lightens our burden.  He gives us strength and support to make it to the end, whether that's the end of our day, week, month or year.  He will help us reach our goals.  I am sure thankful to have so many wonderful examples in my life.  

     This gospel is the key.  Faith is the foundation of happiness.  We can truly do all things in the strength of our God.  I read 2 Nephi 20:15 and was once again humbled as I was reminded of our need to trust in the Lord.  I hope you all have a great week! I love you, I pray for you! You mean everything to me! :) Work hard, have fun, make a difference :)

Love you all Sister Shelby Ostler

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