Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MTC Week 5

Hey Mom and Dad and Friends and Family!!!!

        How are you doing? I am doing so darn good :) This week has flown by- as usual- and it was fantastic! I sure learned a lot, especially yesterday! On friday, my companion wanted to practice the piano, so we went to a spare room after lunch and my one companion took a nap while she played, and I just looked out the window at the most perfect view of the MTC.  It was pretty ideal.  I looked out at the sky, and I saw some elders and sisters reading scriptures, some eating lunch, some reading mail, some writing letters and some just smiling walking along.  I was just feeling the joy of being here.  I have come to recognize my joy as something that I've been taught my whole life: The gospel brings you joy.  It's really that simple.  When you do everything you can to live the principles of the gospel, blessings just come.  They do! It's clear to me that everything I do good has a good outcome, and vice versa.  What a blessing this gospel is!
       So, as a district, we set a goal earlier this week to only speak Polish! It has been a challenge! I have a huge head ache at the end of the night, and I just want to ramble on in English, BUT it has also helped with the language so much! We decided that we'd rather struggle with the language here than in Poland.  So that has been good for us.  So earlier this week, it was about 10 at night and I just got out of the shower and put my towel on my head when the fire alarm went off! Someone had seriously burnt some popcorn! It was quite stenchy! So out to the street we went along with 400 other missionaries! It was an awesome adventure- I thought it was exciting :) :) :)

     So, I heard something that I loved the other day.  The teacher related the spirt to a soccer or basketball game.  He said, when you grow up hearing your mom and dad cheering and helping you throughout the game, you come to recognize their voice all the time.  You can pick out their voice and heed their counsel.  He said that listening to the spirit is like this.  It must become a familiar voice to us and we must be able to recognize it where ever we are in whatever we are doing.  I liked that because of how much I hear your voice when I play soccer, Mom. :)

       I have been so blessed here in the MTC.  Some of the elders and other missionaries go on about how much they miss music, or movies and stuff like that.  I thought to myself, "Woa! I haven't even thought about music or movies.  I haven't even missed them one bit!"  I know I have had a lot of help with that because you know how much I love movies and music.  But I am so busy with other things that are 10 times more important to me than music or movies.  I'm thankful for that.  I also came to realize (in relief society yesterday when we sang this) that the song, "I'm trying to be like Jesus" has a totally different meaning to me now.  I love the words, so simple, yet so .... perfect! :)

       So in the devotional we heard from............ L. Tom Perry! :) :) It was a great talk! He was so fun to listen to. He's tall!!! But anyway, in the prayer at the end, the sister said, "Please help us to be happy farmers. To plant seeds, work hard and harvest the blessings."  I loved that  :) Plus I thought you'd like that a lot too Trisha and Troy :) We just need to be happy farmers huh? :)

      There is a sister here on a mission whose arms end right above where her elbows would be.  I mean, Wow! I am in amazement everytime I see her.  How would she do anything?? People say missions are a sacrifice, well in her case I would definitely have to agree! She is such an inspiration to me, and I hope I can be as happy and as positive as she is all the time.  I learned a good lesson the other day.  It doesn't matter what language you are learning, if you use the language of kindness to everyone, you will touch and bless lives.  Mom, you sure taught me that growing up- to always be kind.  Thank you for instilling that in me.  I know I can always improve on that, and I'm thankful for yours and dads words of advice all the time.  Thank you :)

      So I found a pattern.  I pray for something.  I have a trial.  I learn something.  I pray for something, etc...  little do I realize sometimes that the thing that I was praying for was answered by my trial.  I know I've learned this before, but I also know that this is one of those that I must embed in my mind and heart, because that is so often the way that Heavenly Father is going to teach us.  Sure gives me comfort in those times of trial as well.

     Yesterday in Relief Society, a lady spoke and she said her family motto during scripture reading is "So......" They read a scripture and then they say, "So... how can this bless or affect my life?" I thought that was so great, especially with how much I have been reading the scriptures.  I know I could've done that a lot more when I was home and it would've made my scripture reading more powerful.  They really can change our lives if we will let them. 

      So some more random things I learned that I liked this week. "We practice our agency not only by what we do, but by what we desire." our desires have great power if we act upon the righteous desires of our hearts.  Work for them, reach your goals and acheive you dreams. I know cheesy huh? :-) Also, "So much of our happiness is determined by choosing fear or choosing faith."  I think that applies to everyone's life.  Don't be afraid  :)

      So today is P day right? Well I went to get my laundry out of the dryer and I looked in the dryer and it looke a lot fuller than I had left it.  I opened it up and found a bunch of ..... elder's clothes hahaha :-D along with my clothes.  Guess he didn't want to pay the extra 10 cents for his own ;) ;) just kidding.  But it was pretty funny.... I seperated them rather quickly and got outta there :-D You'll hear more about that mom and dad :)
                                                                    P-Day Activities

                                                                     The Laundry Room

                                                                       6a.m. Service

                                                              Clean the Elders bathroom




                                                   Special gifts from special people

     Today has just been a fantastic day.  The temple was wonderful with my companions.  I sure love them.  We get along good most of the time haha :-) We laugh hard, we study hard and we teach with all of our hearts :) We've grown close.  We spent an hour in the temple today after our session discussing things and it was a great experience.  Well, I'm running low on time.  Just know that I love you all and I hope you are all doing good.  If all else fails in life, the gospel never will.  :) Live it, love it, and enjoy the blessings that will come.  Have a great week!!! :) Powedzienia!

Love, Sister Shelby Ostler

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