Monday, November 5, 2012

Bring on November's cold!

Hey Friends and Family :) 
How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing great.  This week was a great week.  Many miracles and exciting events.  Couple random things first.  We met a lady from Norway who wanted to see old town, so we walked with her and talked for 20 minutes or so and she was really interested in the gospel.  We gave her some information and she left seeming really excited about it all.  Then right after that, we met another lady who was super interested and she asked where she could buy a book of mormon and of course we said we have one to give her.  We swapped numbers and set up to meet soon.  Two interested people back to back is pretty rare around here, so we felt so blessed and excited! 
      So in the middle of this week Sister Peterson and I both received a Priesthood blessing, one because we've been sick, and two because we both really needed it.  It was a neat experience for both of us and I personally felt a lot of comfort and hope after that.  The priesthood is amazing.  So then on November 1st, they have a holiday here called All Saints Day.  I sent some pics, so hopefully you can picture it a little bit.  But it is amazing.  Hundreds of thousands of candles to support and remember ancestors and loved ones.  We were there with members and investigators and it was a really spiritual experience.  I sat there on one of the benches in the cemetery and just thought about all of the people in my life who have impacted me in one way or another.  I feel really grateful for all of you. For all of the examples in my life, for all of the friendships, the memories, the experiences and the lessons I learned from all of you throughout my life.  The Polish people really have a lot of love and I am very blessed to be around them and witness their deep conviction for freedom and for life.  The gospel just adds such depth to our lives and it's amazing to see it change the lives of people all around me.  That was a wonderful night to witness. 
       Well, I am out of time :( But one last thing I want to share.  Earlier this week I had one of those Do or Die moments, ya know? The "To Be or not to be" moments.  You know what I mean, the mornings when you wake up, feel kind of sick, it's raining outside, you're cold, and you have a choice to go back to bed and give in, or to get up, get going and make a turn for the better.  Well, It was one of those mornings and it became a neat blessing to get up and decide to be happy and work hard.  The Lord knows how we feel and He knows our circumstances.  I testify that when we make the little decisions that determine even bigger consequences, the Lord strengthens us and blesses us more than we could imagine.  I love you all.  That's my challenge for you.  Make the little wise decisions that will affect the greater ones.  Take care, have a great week! :) Love you!!!

Love, Sister Ostler :)

Ola! One of her great friends from English class

 Shelby and Sister Peterson being crazy on the tram alone.  That's very unusual for Poland to have the trains be empty.

Day of the Dead!
Poland's version of Halloween.
It's actually a very spiritual time of year, and it means a lot to the residents of Poland.

Homemade Banana bread! YUM! She says it doesn't taste like Mom's but we're sure it's scrumptious!  She's a great cook!

Missionaries serving in Gdansk, Poland!

Shelby found the photo editing tools on her camera! They had a little extra time.

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