Monday, September 24, 2012

What a great week. Started in Hel and ended in Heaven

 Well Hey there Family and Friends!!!!
Agnieszka, Tomek, and Kasia and Irena What a special day.  With Brother Harker
 I don't know where to begin! Sorry about last week.  Hel was really fun! It's beautiful up there.  The ocean was really cool and the beach was so nice.  This week was amazing.  Started in Hel and ended in Heaven ;) ;) I'll start with Saturday.  There were 4 baptisms; Agnieszka, Tomek, Kasia, and Irena.  Wow, it was so powerful! Brother Harker baptized them and they were so happy.  I can't explain it.  When agnieszka got out, she threw her arms around her kids and said, I love you so much! I felt the love of the Lord there with us and with them.  What a neat experience.  Then on Sunday, they were all confirmed.  that too was a wonderful experience.  I wish there were words to describe it. I am just so filled with love for them and for the gospel.  Their lives have changed soooooo much.  You can literally just see the spirit working in their lives.  It's wonderful.  

     So yesterday after church, we had the wonderful opportunity of having our Mission president and his wife over for dinner.  They sat in our study couches and we ate our our study table hehe :) I made a roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy and carrots and jello and juice :) I was in heaven being able to cook and have them over and just talk and get to know them more.  What a great experience! Our mission president is so inspired and so humble.  They work so hard and always make sure everyone is taken care of.  It sure means a lot to us.
     So aside from those wonderful experiences, there were many throughout the week.  A bunch of little tender mercies.  One day we were sprinting so hard to catch the bus to be on time to our next lesson and I just wanted to stop and walk sooooo bad! But I knew we could still catch it.  So we kept running and running and finally, we made it right as it was pulling away and we got on and made our 30 minute trip.  So cool! :) Then one night we went on a wild referral chase :-) It was clear out in the hills and we took one tram, then another, then a bus, then walked, then another bus, which happened to be wrong, and then we walked forever.  Well, we were just going to call it a night when we got the building and realized we didn't have the apartment number.  BUT we tried the first 2 and ended up finding the person we were looking for!!!! Soooo coooooooool! That was awesome :) That night I celebrated by eating a couple Oreos in milk :) ( and I thought of you daddy!) :) 

      So we try to always invite our investigators (on the first visit) to be baptized when they know this message is true and the God answers their prayers.  Sometimes it's a little scary, cuz we don't know what they'll say. But yesterday this awesome girl named Agata, when we asked her, she said, "If I get to that point, for sure!" We were so excited.  It so good that they know why we're there.  She is cool! So there were so many stories throughout the week, I wish I could share them all.  I am learning so much.  I would also like to apologize to anyone and everyone reading for being selfish and over confident.  I am learning a lot about myself, and I know that I have a long way to go.  But I hope that you can forgive me for not always being the best listener or the best person to turn to.  I hope the Lord can make the turn in me throughout this short time in my life. 
     Well, I have to go.  I wish I could stay and write forever.  I love you all. Thank you all for taking care of my family.  I miss them and I miss all of you.  This gospel is worth it all.  Have a great week.  Till next week! :) Love, Sister Shelby Ostler
Wonderful Baptism
Irena with her husband who is already a member

At the beach in Hel

The sisters with sister Harker

With the elders at the beach
After the baptism with Agnieszka and Irena


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