Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sister Ostler is going to Hel and back.....

Note from Shelby's mom.....

Shelby had exchanges this week with Sister Folsom.  She loved it and said she learned so much from her,
Sister Folsom leaves is a Month.  Her family is good friends with some friends of ours.

When Shelby first received her call, Sister Folsom's mom would email us some of her letters, we were wishing they could be companions sometime on the mission.  How fun for them to be able to teach together for just a little bit.  The letter is short this week as I think they had a fun trip planned for P-day to Hel and Back....:)
What a great Saurdayt ahead.  Can't wait to see pics next week.  Stay tuned for some special ones...

Hello Friends and Family! :) 

      Well I don't know where to begin.  This week was so full of great stuff! I don't have much time because we are going to a place called Hel.... I know right? It's a peninsula of the tip of Poland.  We are so excited! But anyway, one of our investigators decided to be baptized. Her name is Janina and she is so spunky! We just adore her.  She will be baptized on November 24th.  We can't wait :) This Saturday is the baptism that we have been anxiously awaiting for months! 5 people will be baptized and confirmed and they are all so excited! Agnieszka, Tomek, Kasia, Zbyszek, and Irena.  Oh we are just so happy for them.
 Oh no! I have to go! I'm sorry, listen to my voice messages! I love you all! The gospel is true!!! :) Love sister ostler

Sister Folsom and Sister Harker
Sister Folsom 

Lunch time with Sister B

Oooooo Sweaters and long socks.  Winter is coming...

Looks like it is starting to get cold......bring out the scarfs
sure hope here boots are warm enough

More notes from Shelby's mom

For the past 2 weeks we have been vacationing in Europe.  We went to Rome, Florence, Cieque Terra, and Interlocken Switzerland.  It was very hard to be in the same time zone as
Shelby and so close, and yet not be able to go see her.  But we were obedient. and stayed away.  It is fun to be able to see  kind of the same country that she lives in.  The trains are very similar I am sure, and believe me, we rode on many of them. The language was very hard.  It made us appreciate her letters and understand them a little better.  What a beautiful place she is able to live in.  Europe is wonderful.  Just a few pics for you to enjoy.  (don't mind the dates on the pictures, we forgot to reset it)

In Rome

On the train, notice the T-shirt

Florence, we walked and walked and walked...

Cieque Terra

Vatican City


So beautiful
Yes we went paragliding

The marathon that we ran...second hardest in the world. 
and boy was it hard....

This is really what it looked like


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