Thursday, April 19, 2012

Before the MTC

Shelby's favorite place to eat is Costa Vida! Since we weren't allowed to go to the MTC, We had to make a last lunch date with her and all the grandkids!

Kelsee and Zach and Family!

Shelby and baby Kamryn. We're guessing she'll change the most while Shelbs is gone!
Shelby and Damon. I love Shelby's face here!
Shelby and Hanna

Shelby and Jordynn

Shelby and Eeaston

Shelby and Ashlee

Shelby and Bridger! Again, gotta love both faces here! Personality!

Shelby and Kelsee

Our Final FHE
We got together a couple days before she left and made a weekly chain. The kids will all rip off 1 chain piece per week Shelby is gone!

The Farewell
Shelby, Ashlee & Mom!
Shelby, Marissa & Katie
Marissa, Shelby, Haley & Alyssa
Shelby & Haley! (Who is turning in her papers any day now! Good luck Haley, we love you!)

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